Georgina Bloomberg’s ‘5 Things Your Mother Should Have Told You… WHEN ADOPTING A PET’

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Georgina Bloomberg

ASPCA Equine Welfare Ambassador, Humane Society Friends of Finn Committee Member & Pig Mother, Age 30

In short, horse people are animal lovers. This concept should not come by surprise, as horse people spend their days engulfed in horse hair, sweat, dirt and manure. Needless to say, this is the humbling side of the otherwise glamorous Equestrian sport, and overcoming the ‘dirty’ aspects only leaves us with unconditional love for our animals. For those of you with pets, I’m sure you can relate to this feeling as you trail after your dog with a doggie bag in-hand. Now,  imagine your own pet in conditions without unconditional love, or any love at all.

After my initial interview with Georgina, I was taken aback by the amount of adopted animals in her home. It was not the number of animals that surprised me, but her ability to show love for each one. I not only wanted my own pet pig, but was overcome with the desire to help in the same way. Georgina posted the video below on Facebook and I quickly wanted to turn it off. My initial ‘turn it off’ reaction is what has landed so many animals in shelters and allowed puppy mills to survive today. We turn a blind eye to the animals being beaten, burned, hung and gassed.

As my first step, and as one of Georgina’s many steps in aiding animals in need, we wanted to share with you, ‘5 Things Your Mother Should Have Told You… WHEN ADOPTING A PET’, in hopes that you too will become more aware of the animals so desperately in need.

1. Never stop trying to help those in need, but also reflect on and appreciate the good you have already done in the world. 

“I have rescued numerous dogs, a pig, 2 horses and 2 mules from shelters and rescue programs, yet when you start rescuing animals you also become aware of how many other animals out there weren’t so lucky to find homes before they are killed. This is something that haunts me everyday. I will always feel like I am not doing enough or that I could save each and every animal that needs a home. But I have also learned that while I should constantly strive to be saving animals, to spread the word to others to do the same, to spay and neuter and not to support puppy mills by buying dogs in pet stores, I also need to take some sort of satisfaction in the fact that I have changed many animals lives and am doing all that I am capable of. I think people should always be striving to do better, to be better in life. But they also need to appreciate what they are already doing and give themselves credit when deserved.”
2. Factor in someone’s past to figure out who they are today. But that being said, don’t think that means you can’t impact their future. 
“Each of my animals came from a different set of circumstances, some good, some bad. Because the majority of them experienced years of their life before they came to live with me, their past experiences make up the animals that they are today and I have to remember that. Some have little dislikes or quirks that I can’t explain, but I no longer feel like I need to. I accept that there where things I couldn’t control in their lives before I met them, but I accept everything about them, including their pasts and the impact it has made on them now. That being said, just because I accept who they are now, doesn’t mean I don’t feel the need to make sure their future brighter and help them realize that there is nothing to be scared of now. Everyone has a past or has done things or been through things that make them a certain way today. But that never means they can’t change or be happy in the future.”
3. Be loyal and love unconditionally. 
“This is simple. Anyone who has ever had an animal knows that they are the best thing to come home to. They don’t judge you for anything, they are always waiting patiently for you to get home and excited to see you. They are loyal and will love you no matter what you have done or said. I always try my best to remember this in life. Everyone makes mistakes or says the wrong thing every once in a while, so I try to always remember that, and I try harder to be able to forgive. While this doesn’t mean letting someone treat you unkindly or walking all over you, let people make their mistakes and still be able to turn to them at the end of the day and say, I am your friend and I love you, no matter how badly you mess up.”
4.Take chances and have no regrets.
“Each time you rescue an animal you are taking a chance, just as you would be with an animal that is not a rescue. You are deciding to take responsibility for another life and care for them unconditionally. I have taken this chance many times and each time I just dive straight in. You can’t over think rescuing an animal because you can’t know everything about it until its yours. There have been certain animals where I have wondered, what I have gotten myself into, for a while, but then I remember that this was the responsibility that I accepted and no matter how hard, caring for this animal and trying to make it happy is my duty. And I always look back and say, this animal may have been a challenge, but I saved a life and am so happy I did it. Everything in life is a chance or a risk, but you have to just go for it every once in a while and never regret that choice, always try to see the good in your decision.”
5. Being different than everyone else is a beautiful thing. “A few of my dogs are very, very, mixed breeds. And I love that. I love that they look different than everyone else’s dogs and that I have no clue how they look the way that they do. I have always strived to stand out and be different, and sometimes it’s tempting to blend in and try to be like everyone else, but I always remind myself that to be unique and special, you have to be different.”

Whitney Weeks & Alexa Weeks Pessoa’s ‘5 Things Your Mother Should Have Told You’

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Sisters, Whitney Weeks, Equestrian and Ralph Lauren Mens & Womens Advertising Stylist, Age 25  Alexa Weeks Pessoa, Equestrian, Wife, Mom and Owner of Mouse Makes Three Baby Boutique, Age 28

When I asked sisters Whitney and Alexa Weeks to be featured on my blog, the two of them laughed as they explained to me their mother’s no-frill approach to their own upbringing. Coincidentally, a no-frill approach which has landed both of them in the fashion industry – Alexa owns her own baby boutique and Whitney works as a stylist for Ralph Lauren, but both girls say their mother’s influence has caused them to focus on beauty from the inside-out first, and of course, they have each picked up a few little beauty tricks along the way.

1. Appreciation comes from  inside –

Alexa: “My mom has never put a big emphasis on the way that people look. She never fussed over us or made us feel like our looks were all we had. Appearances were just never something we focused on. She always taught us that the way we treated others (people, animals, each other), was all that really mattered. That is something that I hope to pass onto my girls. Every time I catch myself telling them how beautiful they are I try to keep that from being the focus in our house. I want to instill self-confidence in them the same way my mom did with us. Appreciating people for who they are inside.”

2. There’s nothing cooler than your boyfriend/husband’s shirt – 

Whitney: “One of my first memories as a kid is being at the beach with my family, and my mom wearing my dad’s big chambray shirt. She always wore his clothes, and always made them look adorable. She still wears the chambray shirt all the time – it must be about thirty years old. She definitely passed a love of menswear on to my sisters and I, because at Christmas we’re all always either asking for oversize mens cashmere sweaters or stealing our brother’s or our dad’s stuff. I guess looking back it could have been my introduction into men’s styling, but I’ll always have a soft spot for boys stuff, and I think that’s passed down from my mom. I think some of the best outfits are topped off with touches of menswear – a watch, an oversize white button down, etc. My boyfriend travels a lot and I wear his stuff all the time, because it makes me feel closer to him. Bonus points if it still smells like cologne!”

3. Active and healthy lifestyle 

Alexa: “Something that I can’t thank my mom for enough is the incredible example she set for us through her own health. Throughout our childhood she was always active and healthy. Between tennis, skiing, riding or just going for long walks – she was always moving. There was a big emphasis on the perils of smoking and drinking heavily. She was able to show us the right choices without being overbearing (never had a rebel). Staying active always kept her sane so I plan to do the same. And wear my seatbelt – I always do mom!”

4. The best part of beauty is bonding

Whitney: “My mom was always super busy raising four kids, each only about a year apart from the other. The best (and quietest) time for me to have her undivided attention was at night when she was in the bathtub. I loved sitting on the floor catching up with her, and it was obvious that it was her favorite time of day. My mom was and is super low maintenance (her only staples are Cetaphil and Lubriderm), but she was religious about taking long baths at night. I feel like as we grow up, that idea stays the same. Even on set, the hair and makeup is always where people tend to gravitate, trade tips and catch up with one another. There’s something so fun and intimate about talking about each other’s favorite products or new finds…it’s always the most fun area for sure – where everyone is laughing! I always find/steal some of my favorite products there, especially Rodin Olio Lusso, anything Dr. Haushka and Oribe Texturizing Spray.”

5. There’s always common ground

Whitney: “I used to get embarrassed when my mom would strike up conversation with anyone and everyone – the man in the toll booth, anyone in the grocery store, strangers on the street etc. I was always so shy and couldn’t  (still can’t) even make eye contact, let alone hold a conversation with someone I didn’t know well. Now, I’m so jealous of my mom’s ability to instantly connect with people and put them at ease. She is so self-deprecating and compassionate, and I always am trying to emulate that as best I can. Especially living in New York, and with all the technology we have at our fingertips, I feel like sometimes we lose that human connection. She is always so good at it (something about being a nurse, probably) and makes it look easy. I feel like that ability comes so easily to her, and  it’s always something I am working on.”

Alexis Stein’s ‘5 Things Your Mother Should Have Told You’

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Alexis Stein and Gigi

Artist, Equestrian, and Self-Proclaimed African Explorer, Age 23

Alexis is one of those old friends who you can only keep up with by serious Facebook stalking and a lucky encounter if momentarily in the same city. Between her career as a singer and equestrian, she splits her time between New York, Florida, Europe and volunteering/safaris in Africa- Oh, and an occasional trip to Disney in-between (her Disney obsession is represented with matching Mini and Mickey Mouse tattoos behind her ears). The epitome of effortless, Alexis possesses the same ‘cool’ found almost indescribably in idols such a Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler- Rocker-chic, perhaps? As we sat down, she kicked off her black flip flops into the dry Florida grass and her pomeranian, Gigi, joined us as she shared with me her ‘5 Things Your Mother Should Have Told You’.

1. Lavender Oil – “I love essential oils, and lavender is my go to.  I use it for so many things.  It clears up scars in weeks.  It is also so relaxing.  I always carry it on airplanes with me, and when I travel overnight, I put a few drops on my pillow to help me sleep.”

2. Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion – “Baby lotion is my everything! I became a huge fan a few years ago when I asked a waitress at a restaurant I frequented what she used on her skin.  I had never seen such beautiful, porcelain skin, and when I found out how old she was, I was in shock.  After two children, she looked about 27, with not a wrinkle in sight, but was actually nearing 40.  She said all she used on her skin was Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion, AM and PM.  While I use other products as well, it is always a great “in case of emergencies” light moisturizer for the face and body.  Plus, I absolutely rely on it to take off my eye makeup at night.  What’s even better, drugstores carry teeny tiny versions of it in the same miniature pink bottles, which not only are adorable, but great to throw in your purse, car, everywhere!”

3. Scarves – “I adore scarves…expensive, cheap, silk, linen, anything! My absolute favorite scarf is the one I purchased in Zimbabwe two years ago for $5, and it is without a doubt the one I get the most compliments on.  I love the versatility scarves give, they can dress up, or down any outfit, and have a million and one practical uses besides keeping you warm on a chilly night.  I love using them at the beach and when I’m volunteering in Africa.  They’re great to tie around your face to protect you from the sun and the dry, dusty African weather!   Tie them up like a little chic turban, use them as a sarong, or after a morning of cleaning out the lion enclosures, I’ll throw my scarf down and take a nice nap with the cubs! Keeping items versatile is key for me.”

4. In the kitch –  “Recently, I’ve become obsessed with cooking.  While most of my meals come out of the oven loaded with carbs, cheese, and cholesterol… Just ask any of my friends, my favorite restaurant is McDonald’s! But, I do have moments where having 8 cheeseburgers can become a little obsessive.  That being said, I think it is super important to keep a list of “healthy snacks.”  That way, whenever you feel like it is time to grab something good for you, you know exactly where to head.  In the past, I used to say to myself, “I want to eat healthy today, but there’s nothing to eat, oh well! On to the Lunchables!”, but over time, I realized what snacks I like that are healthy, and now I never find myself caving.  I love making a little plate of some sliced turkey or chicken breast (super easy to purchase from the market already roasted), slicing up a few red peppers, and some tomatoes.  Even keeping some frozen veggies in your freezer is so easy! You can steam them in the bag, throw on a little garlic powder, and voila! Make a list of snacks that you know you can always count on when you need a little pick me up.  Oh, and if you’re boiling anything on the stove, did you know that if you lay a wooden spoon on top of your pot, it won’t over boil? How cool is that?”

5. Habits to change, and habits to keep –  “Without a doubt, there are certain beauty regimes that should stay consistent, and some that should change.  For example, I think it is super important to change your skin routine about once a year.  I used to have very troublesome skin, but I’ve found a few good brands that really help keep my skin in check, and I like to rotate them whenever I feel like it is “time.”  I love Dermalogica, Naturopathica, and products from my dermatologist, Dr. Orentreich.  Things I would never change? My sunscreen (once you find a brand that doesn’t clog your pores, stick to it!-I use a mineral based suncreen by MD Solar Sciences), my chapstick (Rosebud Salve or Carmex), and my perfume (I’ve been wearing the same one for years–whenever I see a friend I haven’t seen in a while, that is their favorite thing, they love that it is so familiar to them).”

Georgina Bloomberg’s ‘5 Things Your Mother Should Have Told You’





Georgina Bloomberg

ASPCA Equine Welfare Ambassador, Humane Society Friends of Finn Committee Member & Pig Mother, Age 30

I pulled into Georgina’s home 10 minutes late (my standard fashionable arrival still clearly intact) and was greeted not only by Georgina, but a small herd of animals too. This heard, to my delight, consists of five dogs and one… wait for it… Pot belly pig. In short, her household is my dream come true. Wilber, the pig, and I fell in love over some baby carrot treats and a quick Instagram worthy photo-shoot in the backyard. And after Georgina finished sharing her ‘5 Things’, Wilber and I finished with a piggy-kiss goodbye.

  1. Get Tailored – “I always feel like nothing is ever a perfect fit, and a tailor can always make things better. I have a great tailor in Connecticut by our farm in North Salem, NY. It is really important to find a good tailor who can make things fit better! I have a wide rib cage, so I always get dresses tailored the most, I buy a size too big, then have them taken in.”
  2. Take Care of Your Skin and Don’t Forget Your Hands – “My mother is in her 60’s and looks like she’s in her 20’s. She wears a lot of sunblock and stays out of the sun. She spends money on good products for her skin, but I use a mix of different things. I am always trying new things, but during the day I just use sunblock. She is always reminding me to take care of my hands by putting sunblock on to prevent age spots and to make sure your nails look presentable because hands are an important part when meeting someone for the first time.”
  3. Invest in Classic Accessories and Not On Trendy Clothing – “Every New Year’s Eve she gives my sisters and I a vintage Chanel necklace and that is something I will keep forever and it will never go out of style. She places importance on classic pieces that will never go out, and not on trendy fast fashion pieces. Don’t spend big money on something that won’t be classic and always stylish.”
  4. Exercise – “She always fought my sister and I to stay active. It took me until my 20’s to realize that your state of mind and the way that you look is directly related to the way you treat your body and how well you take care of it. I work out every morning at 6 am with a trainer 5 days a week, pilates in the evenings twice a week, and in the summer and fall up in NY I do laps in a pool as well.”
  5. Animal Lovers – “My mom told me you can always judge someone by the way they treat animals because she always said, ‘You can’t trust anybody who doesn’t like dogs.’ I have found in life that this has held true, and the people I find I don’t like, don’t usually like dogs.”

Daniela Dello Joio’s ‘5 Things Your Mother Should Have Told You’

Daniela Dello Joio
Founder and Editor of Elliot x Isabel, Age 25

After some serious blog stalking, I fell into a deep love affair with Daniela’s blog, Elliot x Isabel. Hurry up. Bookmark it. After finally tracking down Daniela – we met poolside at the International Polo Club in Wellington, FL – I was further enticed by her Kristen Stewart-esque, low-maintenance outlook on beauty and life. Thus, she shared with me her ‘5 things’, and as I transcribed tip #5, I was sure to savor every bite of my bacon, egg and cheese.

  1. Always Wash Your Face-  “No matter  how late I am up, I always wash my face at night and in the morning… It helps. I am obsessive about my skin care routine. Obsessive to the point that I don’t even wear makeup, but I do own mascara. It’s probably because my mom doesn’t, she never has, and you grow up doing what your mom does… Everyone makes fun of me, but I’m just like, ‘Okay, Im ready!'”
  2. Facials- “I get a facial once every 2 months, and sometimes even more frequently. I just get a basic one. My mom is my beauty rolde model, and we share a less is more philosophy, for sure. I go to Haven in New York City located in Soho. It’s amazing.”
  3. Waxing– “I only wax my legs and bikini. I have never shaved. That is 100% something my grandmother and my mother told me. It is absolutely what I’m going to do with my own daughters because since I’ve been waxing for so long, I now have no hair. I have been doing that since I was thirteen. I wax once every two months now.”
  4. Tom Ford… Anything- “I live and die for all Tom Ford perfume, I wear Tom Ford Santal Blush. When he left Gucci and started with his own sunglasses and fragrances… He is just the epitome of sex. Sexiness. I love that feeling of going back to a coat or shirt you were wearing and remembering what you were doing when you last wore it.”
  5. Stay Thin- “Hands down the most important thing my mom ever told me is to stay thin. Even though I believe in beauty on the inside, unless you feel good in the clothes you want to wear everyday, you will never feel as good… It’s so true. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to fall in love, or boys won’t like you, or you’re not sexy, but personally, if I can’t fit into the clothing size that I want to, then I just don’t feel as good about anything else beauty or lifestyle related.”